Churcher's College Digital Archives

Welcome to our school's archives

Welcome to the online archive of Churcher’s College magazine, The Churcherian.

The Churcherian began in 1913 as a twice-yearly record of events, activities, news, school notes and records of Old Churcherians. It is a useful resource for all who are connected in any way to the college as it provides an insight into the lives and characters of the boys mentioned.

This website provides access to back issues of the Churcherian and visitors can search year by year, by name or by category, or by using the bookmark for the individual magazine.

Churcher’s College archive was set up in 2005, over 200 years after the school’s foundation in 1722. Many records had by then been destroyed or had disappeared, and some of the earlier ones are held in the Hampshire Record Office in Winchester. There is a steady flow of enquiries concerning people, staff, events, new buildings, and The Churcherian supplies much of this information.

Digitization of the archives is ongoing, and the search facility offered by digitization helps those in search of family members as well as those interested in the history and development of the school itself. Do explore what you can and see what you can find.

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